Construction Consulting

Have a project, but not sure where to begin?
You can trust John King Construction to guide you through your construction project, from beginning through completion. By involving us in the beginning, JKC can help you avoid big, costly surprises down the road and have a much smoother experience.

Want to know what it’s really going to cost before you commit to the project?

John King Construction has the experience needed to deliver realistic budgets.

Searching for a cost effective site?

John King Construction has been providing commercial construction services in the Austin area since 1978. We live here. We play here. Take advantage of our experience to help you make the right real estate decisions for your project prior to closing.

Have a site, but not quite sure what the best layout would be?

John King Construction will work with you on land strategies for optimal layout for your project’s needs.

Construction Consulting

Program Management

Program Management is the most important component in determining what kind of experience you will have during your construction project. Every decision John King Construction makes is to ensure that We Deliver an experience that exceeds your expectations.

John King Construction has been providing commercial construction services since 1978. With more than 500 projects completed, we recognize that each construction project – your construction project — has unique specifications and needs. John King Construction makes understanding your expectations and needs our first goal.

We meticulously adapt our process and services to deliver your project through to completion. There is no “one size fits all” solution and the diverse delivery systems available can be overwhelming. John King Construction believes it is our responsibility to guide you through selecting the right system for your project.

You can lean on John King Construction’s experience to understand what decision makes the most sense and how that choice will affect your project, i.e. fast tracking schedules, phased scheduled, etc.

Program Management

General Contracting

Being a successful General Contractor means forging and maintaining positive working relationships with our clients, sub-contractors, municipalities, design teams, & our employees. If any one of these partnerships lack respect, communication, or team work, a project could be headed for disaster. It is no accident that 80% of our business is from repeat clients. We exist because of repeat clients who know that We Deliver an unparalleled experience. John King Construction puts relationships first and we are always planning for your long-term needs & plans.

Since 1978, John King Construction has established a base of subcontractors in the Austin area that consistently produce quality work. We have vetted these subcontractors on quality-control; ensuring they understand and meet JKC’s first-rate construction standards. Further, these subcontractors have proven themselves to be strong team players.

John King Construction always puts our clients’ interests first.  We are equipped to self-perform concrete, dirt work, and carpentry when it is the most economical option for our clients.  Through competitive bidding, John King Construction is able to secure the most competitive pricing for our clients. In some cases (typically on smaller jobs), we are the best choice and are prepared to meet those needs.

LEED-Sustainable Solutions
“Sustainable Buildings minimize the consumption of resources (energy, water, materials, etc.) and minimize their impact on the environment” – KWR Engineering Services

The “Green Building” movement is the most significant change in construction in the last fifty years, and we can all agree that it is a positive one. John King Construction is knowledgeable on the best practices for more economical solutions to sustainable buildings. We are ready to help you find the most cost effective solution for your “Green Building” needs!
Learn more about “Best Sustainable Building Practices” from KWR Engineering Services, our primary resource for sustainable building solutions.

Professional Problem Solvers
To meet or exceed your expectations and diverse needs, John King Construction goes the extra step to retain several “Professional Problem Solvers”.  Whatever your need is, you can trust John King Construction to connect you with a reliable “problem solver”.

General Contracting


Our commitment to you and your project doesn’t stop with the ribbon-cutting ceremony. John King Construction is prepared to respond quickly and effectively to all of your post-construction needs. Whether they are warranty items or additional projects, John King Construction has a fleet of excavating equipment, tools, concrete capability, and carpentry ready to go.

We want you to think of us first. Make John King Construction your first call for your next project.

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